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DSV owners turn to Chesterfield Cylinders for in-situ inspection expertise.

7th April 2015 at 11:21
Reduce downtime, save money and feel secure in knowing that your cylinder system is not a danger to life, environment and/or asset value.
These are some of the key reasons why so many DSV owners and operators are turning to Chesterfield's Integrity Management service to carry out the inspection of hard to reach and often impossible to remove, cylinder installations.

High-pressure gas cylinders typically degrade from the inside as well as outside. However, cylinders that cannot be removed or easily reached, have historically undergone safety tests far less rigorous than those for transportable tubes.

The Integrity team's experience in vastly diverse industries, means they can spot the vital indications of cylinder failure that may be missed by an insurance underwriter.

Operators often fail to realise that they are legally responsible for the safety and integrity of a pressure system. This is not something that can be delegated to insurance underwriters.

Creating the new standard...

"In-Situ is the future of seamless gas cylinder testing"
Arnfinn Hansen 
Principle Engineer, Det Norske Veritas AS

As part of a manufacturer with over 100 years experience in the industry, the Integrity team's understanding of the product and the environment in which it operates, is unrivalled.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) - with input from Chesterfield Special Cylinders - has developed BS 8562, the new standard for the inspection and testing of hard to reach/impossible to remove, gas cylinders. This forms the core of Chesterfield Special Cylinders’ Integrity Management service.

Global Deployment Capabilities...

The Integrity team's ability to deploy anytime, anywhere, reduces downtime and therefore provides the best economical solution, as well as the peace of mind that a system is safe and meets compliance requirements.

“…definitely the way forward and we plan to have the same process carried out on other Sealion ships.  Previously, removal would have caused at least three weeks of downtime.  AE testing is quick, clean and thorough.”
Andy Lenn, 
Sealion Shipping

The Integrity team experts have the capabilities to tackle the toughest cylinder installations, in the most challenging environments around the world and as a result, fill a significant hole in the market.


To understand more about the benefits of our service, please contact:

Alan Harding
Inspection & Testing Manager
+44 (0)114 242 7500

Alternatively you can content us via the enquiry form on the Integrity Management Website