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CSC Launches Integrity Management Team to Ensure Safety, Economy and Performance of HP Gas Vessels

26th August 2016 at 11:12
Cradle-to-grave approach encompasses most comprehensive range of techniques and capabilities in industry

Cradle-to-grave approach encompasses most comprehensive range of techniques and capabilities in industry

Team works with owners/operators globally

UK-based Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC) has launched a new integrity management team to work with owners and operators of high pressure gas storage vessels as installed in rigs and ships, and with gas majors and classification bodies to maximise vessels’ lifetime performance and safety.

The integrity team is now managing periodic inspections and tests at its Sheffield, England factory as well as delivering them worldwide while they remain installed.  It is also delivering vessel life extension support services to high pressure gas users globally.

CSC’s managing director, Mick Pinder, explains:  “CSC has a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of high pressure gas containment systems.  We also conduct periodic inspection and testing for customers such as the Royal Navy and BOC.  Following increased demand from customers, we have extended the scope of this service and formalised it within a central integrity management team.

“The integrity team’s remit encompasses everything from the provision of supporting certification and verifying a scope of work document, through to refurbishment and rectification work to extend a vessel’s working life.  

“For the manufacture of new vessels, the integrity team can work alongside designers to ensure the specification delivers optimal performance for the end user and real benefits in terms of minimising costs and downtime.

“Existing customers are working with the integrity team to extend the safe operation of their systems by either monitoring them remotely or carrying out periodic inspections and testing while the vessels remain in situ.  Achieving a better performance is still vital and we can reduce maintenance costs of long-standing installations through retrospective optimisation.

“This comprehensive approach is of particular benefit to people who are responsible for the safe operation of high pressure vessels, wherever they are installed.

“All of this addresses a critical, but sometimes over-looked, aspect of the management of high pressure gas vessels and is the most comprehensive suite of high pressure containment management services worldwide, delivered by the most experienced team.

“The aim is to take responsibility for installations worldwide, saving downtime and budget.  We are already working onshore and offshore in hostile environments to ensure these critical installations can continue to perform to their optimum, economically and safely.”