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Largest DSV gas installation periodic inspection and test completed ‘ahead of time and under budget'

27th March 2019 at 09:10
Rever Offshore pleased with completion of its first acoustic emission test and will be confident to use again. Lloyds advised on project.

Sheffield, England - Chesterfield Special Cylinders’ (CSC) global Integrity Management team has completed its largest ever inspection and testing project, on a safety-critical gas installation on board a DSV, working in tandem with Lloyds to complete the project in record time.

The IM team boarded Rever Offshore’s dive support and offshore construction vessel Rever Polaris while it was docked in Aberdeen, to conduct the inspection and testing of 88 high pressure gas cylinder installation while the ship sailed it to its next destination, Newcastle.  The team employed the acoustic emission (AE) technique it has pioneered in the offshore sector, so the cylinders did not require removal from their installation, saving time and budget.

Dan Nuttall, CSC IM’s deployment manager, says:  “The 113-metre Rever Polaris is a 20-year old DSV and its cylinders date back to before it was built.  While this was the largest system we have ever deployed AE testing on, this method is so reliable and rapid that any rectifications required were flagged up quickly and attended to immediately.”

George Rattray from Rever Offshore says: “We are very pleased with the successful completion of the recent acoustic emission testing carried out by CSC. This was the first time we used this method and we will certainly be confident to use again. The team at CSC are very competent and completed this project ahead of schedule and under budget.”